Ignorance and the fear of unknown

To be still, to sit still, not to move an inch. If you move, you will fail. Stay in the green triangle for it has a nice calming colour, and you know it’s green, don’t go to the yellow or red or blue, for that you don’t understand those colours. Triangle is good, triangle is safe. And don’t experiment with shapes, they are dangerous, they bite. See the circle for example, what do you have to do with circles? Ooh, you like circle, well, that’s not good enough, circle will bite you back. And the square…In what’s name you want to deal with the sqaure, why do you need four angles when you have three. It’s recession you see, stay where you are, do what you know, keep what you have, don’t be, don’t breath, don’t look even, for that looking is dangerous for those who don’t look in the right direction. You know the green triangle, you like the green triangle, you work with it, you live with it, it looked after you before, stick with it, be faithfull to it, for it is something that you have been doing for ages. And be ashamed that it was good before when the triangle was fruitful and now you want to abandon it, you traitor, you fool, who do you think you are. You dare to dream, to want, to show an intellect in different direction! You dare to be, to think, to have an opinion?! And what’s with the nonsense of yellow circles ot blue squares, that actually doesn’t exist! People don’t do those things because they are not SELLING!!!

That’s it, nice and calm, go back to you place, put your head down, draw your lines, paint some green, that’s what you are good at. Painting someboody else’s dream.