Blessed by Petar Stanev

Blessed, originally uploaded by Lil Wizz.

This picture was one of many that captured my attention when I was flicking through Petar’s photos. It has never been published before and I was keen to ask him more about the photo.

Me: Petar, when and where was this picture taken?

Petar: It was a hot sunny day in July 2002 in Kathmandu, Nepal. I was doing my kora’s (circum ambulating) with my cameras around the Great Stupa. Most of the time the equipment was with me and 99% of the pictures taken during my 3 months stay at the IBA (International Buddhist Academy) were natural. Nothing has been arranged, changed or altered.

Me: I personally don’t like crows but there is certain serenity in the pose of the bird. Was it such a spiritual experience as it is reflected on this picture?

Petar: (laughs) Dharma is for everyone. No matter what do we understand of the teachings of the enlightened ones, but every being has got emotions and conscience and in particularly in this picture we can see a real example of this.

Me: Can you explain to me where is this orange-y colour coming from?

Petar: This is saffron. The whole stupa is flashed with saffron before full moons, because during full moons time, the energies are most active and the practices carried out during this time are very important, and the effect of this could be multiplied many many times. It was a wonderful moment in my personal experience.


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