New beginning

2014-08-20 18.09.17

It has been two days since I have been given all clear from the doctor and it seems as if the last 7 months did not happen at all.

I still have petty arguments with my mum like why the grapes have finished and my son is telling fibs about completing his homework.  So I did the one thing I am expected to do and take a grip on this family – gave a lecture to both of them. Yes, I had my morning coffee and toast and gave a speech to my respective audience about what responsibilities each of us has in oir little household and how we are expected to perform. Given the short timeframe and no preparation, I structured it well, addressed each member of the group, looked them in the eyes and even raised my voice to make my points clearer. I am sure they will both be reflecting on that as the day goes by as neither of them was in a talking mood when I finished.

When I had cancer, I changed my attitude to life, my diet and number of other aspects which will continue to have an effect (she said with hope). I became more relaxed and started to delegate more responsibility, I spoke to my nearest and dearest for the need to have more consideration to their daughter and mum and they nodded thoughtfully. At the time I actually thought that what I am saying is sinking in. Now i think my mum was probably thinking about the next episode of Masterchef while my son was wizzing in his mind to the next level of “Bottle Flip” or “Tanki online”.

I kinda thought that now I have, I had, this condition, they will be more attentive, kinder (obedient even) but each member of my family has a very strong and opinionated mind and sadly it seems they don’t like to be told what to do. Cancer or not, life goes on. I just have to find a way to be more convincing.


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