A day like no other


A day like the other
You wake up in pain.
It’s Friday, it’s morning
It’s work come again.

It’s sunny, it’s empty
You’re late for you work
The routine is draining
Becoming a blur

The breakfast, the tea
The morning commute
It’s all well too known
The same ol’, same ol’ route

And yet, it is Friday
It’s freezing but bright
You have a good feeling
And a weekend in sight

You don’t have a penny
But got all that love
It’s Friday, it’s morning
It’s shining above


How to heal a broken heart


How to mend a broken heart
How to stick the fallen leaves on trees
How to unclose the door, unspeak the words
Turn back the clock of time, that is

How to learn to trust again
How to forgive…Do you forget?
To try and not to hate the man
To keep the hope and not the regret

How to unfade the plans we had
Or to undream the dreams we dreamt
For what it was not supposed to be
There never was, to start with

How to collect the broken glass
How not to hurt and to detach
How to collect oneself intact

To start again, I make a pact.

Sometimes I just awake with fear

Dedicated to my husband Petar

Sometimes I just awake with fear

that you are gone.  An empty space

lies down beside me, where your face

was lying next to mine, quite near.

I search for you, I crave you, dear

I seek your smell in every room.

My loneliness and worries loom,

My future seems unclear.

Your poems still caress my ear

– the soul of an insatiable guitar

who searches for the solitary star

emerging from the ephemera.

I welcome you and madness sheer

besiege my heart. I skip a beat,

there is no time for self retreat,

I am safe for now, I disappear.

Wish me luck

Wish me luck

For the times that I have to endure

For the feeling of being mature

For the wide open, champagne buzzing world .

Wish me luck

For the steps that I am going to make

For the smiles that I am going to fake

In the crowd entertained by the word.

Wish me luck

For the changes I need to disguise

For the nights and days in other pip’s eyes

In the car, on the bus, on my drive.

Wish me luck

For the moments of utter reflection

For the life’s coming all imperfections

For the will to go on, for the strive to survive.