The best time to become an … art collector

The most difficult times open a plethora of opportunities for the brave and for the …first time buyers. And we are not talking here about the housing market but about the wonderful world of art and all of its glory.

 We all have opinions, we know what we like and what we dislike and we know the price we are ready to pay for it. So when choosing art, follow what you like and trust your instincts. One of the images I have in my mind when I buy art is whether this picture will fit in my kitchen, lounge, bedroom, studio…Can you see it in your home, office, holiday home? Can you see it next year and still like it, what about in 10 years, 20 years?

 But let’s be clear. You have to have a reason to buy art. And even if you buy on a whim (and that’s delightfully bohemian), you still have a reason. Are you buying for yourself, are you starting a collection, redecorating a house or just buying a present for a dear friend. People very rarely buy on impulse, especially when it comes to more expensive pieces, and with so much information around on art websites, magazines etc, you have the perfect chance of researching your artists, galleries, agents and of course…art objects. Or if you don’t like desktop research just have a look around, browse the local and central galleries.  Be brave even – visit a gallery on the opposite side of the city, in another country, you never know what you might like there.

 The deepest depressions and economic crises present the perfect opportunities and deliver the best ideas. The biggest collectors have amassed some of their best works in times like these and you have the chance to be a part of it.

 So remember:

1.  Buy what YOU like.

2. Buy what you can AFFORD.

3. Do your RESEARCH


 Cerise Art Agency, 2009