Eva Rothschild – love it or hate it, you will notice it!

Ok, I will confess now – I love it!

So I will be very biased and I will understand if you stop reading now…

But HANG ON 1 second! And you will be intrigued! I promise!

The structure is hard to miss, it’s centred in the middle of Tate Britain as a giant disproportioned ant with as many legs and tentacles as you could expect from a giant insect, or an alien spaceship, or some quirky futuristic pyramids.

And that’s the beauty of it!

Eva Rothschild managed to create a whole new world, a story, a dynamic tale of many visions and objects with mere aliminium creation. This monolith three dimensional construction follows you around and you keep on coming back to it from every door and corridor of the museum. This  is the story of an invisible arrow that has started its journey as a tiny glossy black, aluminium box tubing speck of dust and continues through time and space. The feeling you have is that the arrow actually transcends into another dimension, vanishing in front of our eyes, rather than just ending on a visible level. And if you stand in the lower end of the construction, you might just have a feeling of this arrow going through you and sucking you as a participant in a strange time adventure.

You can see Eva Rothschild Installation at Tate Britain until 29th November 2009

The pictures used are property of Tate Britain