I have been meaning to send you this photo all day…

Cold flowers of the escaping summer!
Cold flowers of the escaping summer!

I almost missed it.

I looked once.

I looked twice.

While talking on the phone!

What an ‘art depreciation’! I almost closed the browser without realising that I am probably looking at the most beautiful photo for the day. Black and white, simple and eternal as the life itself. The marrying of the left and right with the diffusion of greys and whites creates the harmony in the photo as it does in life. It’s all about balance in this photo.

Right – left



Straight – mirror

Sharp – dim

It’s easy to miss this calm and somehow melancholic picture from a first glance. The fact that is black and white emphasize the notion of passing and sadness, which is with great contrast of the bright and lively colours we would expect the tulips to be photographed. However, this is not depriving the picture of the quiet beauty it beholds; it rather continues the theme of the name ‘Холодные цветы ускользающего лета!’ (‘Cold flowers of the escaping summer’) . The exclamation mark at the end of the sentence is certainly trying to put a stop on that elusive summer, clearly transmitting the emotions of the young photographer.

And that’s exactly how life works, good and bad happens and sometimes we want to stop the moment or to push it further, but it doesn’t happen at our own will. Our life becomes a line of self-balancing events and in the long film of the time these events becomes memories, first colourful and slowly fading into black and white and grey…