The magical world of Dido: The Nude Rider

Nude Rider
Nude Rider

A mystical and fairy figure that is floating in the depths of the ocean amongst fish and debris from long wasted ships. The figure is enigmatically poised with a perfectly composed body of a young woman holding a fishing stick, head turned towards the infinity of the ocean blues as if just a little too busy to notice the watchful eye of the spectator.

Enter the magical world of Dido.

I chose to discuss this painting with Dido one afternoon in August, the last August Sunday, after we had completed the itemising of his works. Each of his paintings has been a journey of discovery for me but this particular subject stood before my eyes and I had to know what the story behind it was.

Me: Dido, this painting reminds me a scene of a fairytale. How did you choose the subject for it?

Dido:  My ex-girlfriend wanted to travel around the world and inspired me to paint her ambition and craving desire to travel. She wanted to go on a voyage and explore places as she has never been abroad.  In the first instance I wanted to capture her longing and to present her as a traveller and at the same time to juxtapose the winner in her as a believer, in a slightly Christian sense. The body had to be natural and non obtrusive, aesthetic and not vulgar. That is why I have composed it as in a styled space with abstract details, slightly giving it this eerie effect, which does not accentuate so much on the nudity.

Me: Is there any physical space, which inspired you to project your heroine?

Dido: The place is rather a mystical metaphysical space, the sort you can find in the Jules Verne’s ‘20000 Leagues Under the Sea’. The water in this painting is the connection with the traveller’s spirit in the works of Jules Verne. Specifically I have aimed to make parallel with Capitan Nemo –  a very brave,  smart and knowledgeable person as a symbol of this spirit.

Me: So, in a sense this painting is empowering the women emphasizing their potential. Is that the message that you are trying to send?

Dido: The clandestine idea of the painting in addition to first layer depicting the urge of the woman to travel and discover, is connected with the Christian idea , underlining the notion of the human spirit which travels with the values. That is further expressed with the use of fish, instead of horse. I have interpreted the charisma of St George into a modern version of the triumph, development and progress. In that sense the painting is not dedicated to the woman but is the wish to the humankind and message for evolution. The nude female body is a personal decision motivated by my own impressions from a particular individual I knew.

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Diyan Dimitrov – Dido will exhibit at The Smithfield Gallery 16 West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9HY from 22nd November until 28th November 2009.